Latino Restaurant, Woking

Last Friday our house in Leeds FINALLY exchanged contracts and completed after 20 long weeks, so there’s a mixture of feelings going on right now! There’s a definite feeling of relief that it’s done, sadness of not living there anymore and the stresses that come with getting on the property ladder again, especially when it can cost at least double compared to what we can get in Leeds! We decided to nip out for dinner to put an end to a chapter as it were and popped into town, walking passed Latino Restaurant on High Street, it looked busy so possibly an indication for a decent feed. A quick look at their menu was enough to get our custom and within a minute we were seated near the bar at the back of the room.

Quickly ordering a bottle of wine we checked out the menu which was full of classic dishes, picking out a couple each. The place was pretty much full to capacity apart from a couple of tables so there was a good atmosphere.


The waiter who’d taken our order brought a plate of calamari to the table and started to walk away, as much as I like squid I’d ordered arancini so quickly called him back and explained the problem. There was a look of confusion, then he frantically scanned his order sheets to check what he’d written. With all the panic, I didn’t want the squid going to waste and said I’d swap it instead. Considering it wasn’t what I’d ordered it would still have been in my top three picks, they were great – lightly crisped and tender flesh that came with a yummy garlic mayo. A good size portion, but for £7.50 I’d expect it to be. The Bocconcini arriving well after I’d finished the calamari, a shame because it couldn’t be faulted on taste – the salty Speck ham and melted creamy mozzarella working really well together!

Calamari fritti

So far there’d been confusion over orders, delays in service, but the food had been great and the staff kept apologising for mistakes. Next up were the main courses, once again a lengthy wait and another error! I was just about to tuck into my risotto when the other half said his dish was wrong – he’d ordered veal not pasta!! This time both dishes were taken away, I didn’t get a hint of a mussel or even a grain of rice….gutted! Deja view ensued….order tickets were checked, the waiter even showed us, what he thought was our ticket had two different dishes on it! Had we got another tables order?!

When new dishes were brought across they’d got it wrong AGAIN – he’d brought the wrong veal dish!!! He was expecting veal with gorgonzola cheese sauce and potatoes, NOT mushrooms and a marsala sauce! This time the same waiter scooted off so quickly we couldn’t be bothered to tell him the fault again. On taste it was full flavoured, if a little too rich from the marsala, whilst my risotto was good and didn’t taste like it was the original one left under a heat lamp, it hadn’t dried out and the seafood was juicy. 

Vitello al Marsala
Risotto frutti de mare

The other half was still a little hungry and he’s a sucker for a good panna cotta, it’s not my bag I always think it reminds me of blancmange! Yay, at last no issues this time – it was smooth and creamy with a great wobble.  

Panna cotta

Overall we couldn’t find much fault with the food, however with all the mishaps it put a downer on the meal. They tried to make amends by offering limoncello shots and lots of apologies. When the bill came, service was included and we stupidly paid it on this occasion, but if I was to go again and the same happened, I wouldn’t!

Latino Restaurant

44 Commercial Way 
GU21 6HW

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