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Cabana Cocktails!

Whatever the weather a few cocktails are always a great way of spending a few hours I reckon, but especially in the summer even though it can’t seem to make its mind up at the moment! Cabana in Trinity may be better known for Brazilian influenced food, but they’ve also got a range of cocktails to quench the thirst. We all know that cocktails can cost a pretty penny, so to get more for your money they’re offering 2 for 1 on cocktails between 12 – 7pm and 10pm – close. I was invited last week to try out some complimentary drinks and snacks and here’s my round up of the ones we tried:

Mango and passion fruit Batida.

Batida cocktails made with cachaça and condensed milk they were very smooth and creamy, reminding me of an Indian Lassi. From a pair of mango and passionfruit Batida, my favourite was definitely the mango as I found the passionfruit version too sharp.

Ipanema iced tea 

I really liked the Ipanema iced tea, it was definitely a bit of a favourite amongst us especially because it had lots of zingy ginger!

Spicy malagueta kick caipirinha

The spicy malagueta kick caipirinha split the vote between us, I really liked it packed with raspberries and a smack of heat from the chilli giving a punch of background heat.

Selection of snacks and nibbles

The tortilla chips with decent guacamole had enough chilli to liven it up a touch. From the nibbles selection of toasted corn nuts, chilli coconut chips, plantain chips and malagueta pork scratchings, my fave were definitely the last two!! We couldn’t really get our heads around the chilli coconut chips – they looked a bit like finger nails which was off putting, maybe eating them our eyes closed would’ve done the trick?!

Frozen strawberry caipirinha

The frozen strawberry caipirinha was like a grown up slush puppy with lots of fruit and of course some cachaça!

Blueberry and acai caipirinha was nice and fruity, not too sour and refreshing

Blueberry and acai caipirinha was nice and fruity, refreshing and not too sour.

Snacks – chilli coconut chips, plantain chips and Malagueta pork scratchings

So it could be another option for people in town who’d like a few cocktails; their summery, refreshing, taste good and are 2 for 1! 


Trinity Leeds

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