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Corner Cafe, Leeds

I love a good curry, I don’t do hot curries but I do enjoy a flavour packed one! That Sunday I’d walked around Haworth and was full of pie and chips at lunch, but I’d also greedily organised to meet a friend for dinner that evening weeks before.
Corner Cafe on Burley Road has been on my list for years, but for whatever reason I’d never been. After a little bit of research I found that the original Corner Cafe opened a
s a small transport cafe in Sheepscar, in 1976. Since then the business has seen a number of changes, including relocation, and a refurb in 2010. A mezzanine floor was added making the most of the space (apologies for the awful photos, was relying on my iPhone!!).


Their menu has about 10 or so starters then an extensive list of main courses to choose from, plenty of choice for carnivores and vegetarians to get their teeth into! Divided into sections; chicken, meat (mutton), keema (minced beef), fish, king prawn, kablichana (chickpeas), aubergine, okra, spinach, mushroom, kidney bean, egg and paneer.

Being still quite full from lunch I decided against having a starter, my friend on the other hand loves food wasn’t going to follow suit, choosing the fish pakora. For the main course, we both went for Keema (minced beef), one with with spinach and mushroom pilau, the other with peas, garlic naan and an okra side dish. A couple of popadoms with a pickle tray, including a green chilli chutney and mango chutney were called for too! You’ve just got too when having a curry!!

The popadoms were lovely, embedded with cumin seeds adding great flavour, the accompaniments were very good, especially the chilli chutney, with flavour that wasn’t overpowered by too much intense heat.


The fish pakora were very food, big chunks of white fish (not sure what type), coated in batter and fried. The batter was golden and crisp, the fish soft and flaky, for £4.50, I thought it was reasonably priced. 

Fish Pakora

Next up the main courses, if you glanced at both dishes it could be easy to think the dishes were the same, but portions sizes were decent and they smelled great. Curries can be made to personal preference in terms of heat strength, so I edged to the side of caution going for mild, while my friend went medium. Taste-wise, we agreed they seemed to have the same strength of heat, but both possessed plenty of flavour and neither had accompanying ingredients (spinach or peas) playing second fiddle.

Keema with spinach
Keema with peas

Our accompanying dishes mushroom pilau, okra and garlic naan, all went down a storm, my rice was lovely and had lots of mushroom, flavourful with cardamom, and for want of a better word was just really tasty. I love rice so I could’ve eaten it as a dish on its own! Opposite me I saw clean plates, he happily polished it all off and ended dinner with a delicious kulfi. 

Mushroom Pilau
Mushroom Pilau
Garlic naan

I’d recommend the Corner Cafe!

Our bill for 2 was £45, including a tip.

Food: Extensive menu, lots of choice! Well cooked, good flavours!

Service: Friendly, attentive without being in your face. 

Atmosphere: Quite busy and a popular spot, good atmosphere. 

Corner Cafe
104 Burley Rd
West Yorkshire


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