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The Coffee Kabin – The North’s Coffee Community, part XI

During my continual search for independent coffee shops in the North, I’d been struggling to find any in Huddersfield. Thankfully social media came to the rescue, pointing me in the direction of The Coffee Kabin, based in Huddersfield.


I ventured over at the end of July, and met owner Simon Frewin who’s originally from the town to find out more. Opened just a couple of months, this coffee house takes pride in its independent status, focussing on using the best coffee from artisan roasters around the UK and is located in close proximity to Huddersfield University.


Simon fell in love with the drink whilst spending time in New Zealand on a rugby tour, some four years ago. At the time he was serving 100’s of coffees a day in 35°C during the daily grind in a restaurant. I wondered if it was easy to enjoy the drink so much in that heat, but Simon said it was easy to fall in love with the drink when great coffee is the norm over there, regardless of the temperature. Fair enough!!



Even though they looked at other areas like Leeds and Ackworth, they finally decided on Huddersfield, where they knew the area well and could establish themselves without the competition of other well known establishments. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have future plans to open up another Coffee Kabin elsewhere, there’s certainly no rush as Simon has a realistic outlook, with the plan to establish themselves in Huddersfield and build their reputation there first. 


Local coffee roaster The Grumpy Mule produce their house coffee Widescreen, chosen because it suits a wide range of customer tastes and is an easy drinking coffee. They regularly host guest coffee; such as Origin and Workshop Cult of Done. At the time of my visit they were showcasing coffee from Berlin roasters The Barn on Aeropress, indicating the seriousness of this coffee establishment.  Other brewing methods such as V-60 and Chemex are techniques Simon would also like to employ in the future to. 


Apart from the coffee, they take pride in the sourcing of their baked goods, using Garforth’s well respected Dumouchel Bakery. Even though food is an important part of the service The Coffee Kabin provides customers, their primary focus is the quality of the coffee.



He admits that with all new businesses, there’s a steep learning curve, but it’s been worth the hard slog and fully understands the need for this to continue to make it a success. Up to that point he’d started to enjoy seeing regular customers and gradually familiarising himself with the local community more.


In the future Simon would love to hold brewing classes, to hold antipasti/wine evenings and make more use of the generous space they are lucky to have. Possibly to employ a chef to start serving brunch!! 


Their first cupping session is Saturday 13th August, where they’ll be hosting The Grumpy Mule. If you’re interested in coffee it’s a great way of finding out more!

The Coffee Kabin
37-39 Queensgate
07980 373 699 

Dumouchel Bakery, Garforth, Leeds

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar in Harrogate and raved on about the stunning brioche slice with raspberry and almond called Bostock, made by Dumouchel bakery. Well I was soon contacted by them about visiting, to meet the team behind this heavenly delight, and as I couldn’t let this opportunity slip I arranged a look around the earliest opportunity I could.

After a little bit of research I found out that Dumouchel opened in 1998 in the Garforth area of Leeds, and now produces artisan breads, cakes and pastries for weddings, coffee shops and also cater for events. Thierry Dumouchel their master baker has a wealth of experience, having trained at the renowned food college in Rouen, France, and worked all around the world, e.g. in Paris, London, Sydney and Tokyo before opening the patisserie. 


When I arrived at the bakery shop the very first thing that happened, once I opened the door, was my jaw dropping and it felt like I was in bakery heaven! A number of my senses were completely heightened, the smell was something else, and I couldn’t get over it for a couple of minutes! If I could bottle it I would!! In front of me was a multitude of breads and patisserie galore for customers to buy, drool over, or both!! It really was a feast for the eyes.


I was greeted by Rebecca who runs the Bakery with husband Thierry Dumouchel. I like to think I’m pretty good at reading people and you could tell this was a couple completely immersed in producing the highest quality products! Rebecca spoke very passionately about what they do and talked me through the process of their bread making. That they use a 15 year old natural rye mother dough starter which had an incredibly intense smell; this is used with some dough from the previous batch of bread in every new batch. Using chemicals of any sort is definitely not an option when it comes to making their bread, and they rely only on using the basic ingredients of flour (French and English), yeast and salt. They allow the dough to ferment for HOURS, depending on the type of bread it can range between 12-18 hours, even up to 36 hours. Such as the Pain-tradition bread which uses the Camp Remy wheat and a fermentation process of 36 hours, allowing the wheat to gradually break down and the richness in flavour and texture to develop.

15 year old mother starter sourdough
15 year old mother starter dough

This is results in the production in some fabulous breads:

DSC_0250 DSC_0248


DSC_0233 DSC_0251

Rebecca showed me a selection of the sweet treats they are making, including some of the seasonal delights which they were starting to sell in the shop.

Mince pies
Mince pies
Chocolate baubles
Chocolate baubles


I was introduced to a selection of their gorgeous bakes and pastries which were on sale in the shop and I just wanted to wolf them down, Left to my own devices I would have!!!

Petits fours frais (little canapés cakes)
Petits fours frais (little canapés cakes)
Selection of beautiful patisserie
Selection of beautiful patisserie
Millefeuille - vanilla and almond
Millefeuille – vanilla and almond
Choux Chantilly
Choux Chantilly
Vanilla Meringue pot
Vanilla Meringue pot

I sampled a slice of their Millefeuille at the bakery and it was gorgeous. The word Millefeuille means ‘thousand leaves’, and traditionally a mille-feuille consists of three layers of puff pastry, and two layers of crème pâtissière. With powdered sugar sprinkled over the top layer. The one at Dumouchel is Vanilla and Almond, it was heavenly. The pastry was perfect with all the layers clearly on show, the crème pâtissière filling was silky smooth and with the perfect balance with vanilla. It was a complete winner. I later demolished the rest at home with a cup of tea.


They make wonderful chocolates too including the Median, a white chocolate square with candied orange, French pistachio and almond. I’m not normally a chocolate lover, and it can take me literally minutes to eat the smallest piece of chocolate because I find it too rich and sickly. This on the other hand was a million miles away from that, it was lovely. Creamy white chocolate, the candied orange gave a sweet/sourness, delicate almond and the lovely pistachio from Normandy.

Median - white chocolate with almond, pistachio and candied orange
Median – white chocolate with almond, pistachio and candied orange

Rebecca very kindly gave me a loaf of their Pain-tradition for my gluten intolerant other half to try, I can thankfully report that the other half didn’t have an adverse reaction to it and enjoyed the bread very much. It may be one we have to eat more often!!


I’m a bit jealous of the people who live in Garforth because they have this luxury on their doorstep!! All those amazing breads, cakes and pastries. They are very lucky people! Even though the bakery itself is in Garforth, you can eat the lovely breads and cakes in and around Leeds. They supply well known coffee shop Laynes Espresso in the City Centre, and Haley and Clifford Delicatessen in Roundhay with some of their yummy wares. They also have an online shop where bread can be purchased and delivered to your home, the breads are lightly baked so they can either be eaten immediately, frozen or finished in a hot oven. They even give the full baking instructions.

It was fantastic to meet the team at Dumouchel, and not just Rebecca and Thierry, they have a real sense of teamwork and family here. They all share the aim of making something wonderful and it really shows in the quality of their produce. 


1 Ninelands Lane
LS25 1NX
0113 287 0055

Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar, Harrogate

Recently I wrote a piece on North Star Micro Roasters Inaugural Cupping Eventwell soon after I was contacted by Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar who happen to be friends with North Star. They had seen my blog review and invited me to check out their new place. Trying to develop my tastes in coffee further and always loving Harrogate, I thought why not, so I combined it with meeting a mate and got the train from Headingley train station. I’d forgotten how easy it is to get the train from Leeds to Harrogate, normally I would just drive but this is quicker, less hassle and possibly cheaper, my return ticket was only £6-7 (half of a duo ticket with a friend).


Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar is an independent specialist coffee shop, located on Parliament Street serving espresso, filter based coffee and also whole or ground beans for use at home. The origin of the name comes from Hoxton, the district in the East End of London, situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Owners, husband and wife team Timothy and Victoria Bosworth, both originally from Yorkshire, have spent the last ten years in London where Shoreditch has become a hot spot for great food, bars and cafe culture. They wanted to bring that passion and lifestyle back to the North of England so opened this shop earlier in October.

Hoxton North is located in a Grade II listed building which dates back to the Edwardian 1920s, so the team had to maintain the original features, such as timber panelling, architraves and mirrors are from a previous shop that inhabited the space called Louis Cope. Louis Cope sold fashionable items, such as robes, lingerie, fur coats, bags and shoes to wealthy tourists and locals. As soon as I walked in I thought it looked gorgeous and I loved the feel of the space, how faithful they’ve been to its original details, and used these as well as their own design ideas with beautiful effect. 




They have designed the space in such a way, with the espresso and brew bar running through the middle of the shop, and want people to use it as a place where they can relax and chat, whether your a Harrogate local or one of the many tourists which visit the place.

DSC_0193 DSC_0184 DSC_0185

One of the first things I noticed on the counter was the wonderful selection of cakes and sweet treats they have to accompany your drink of choice. Vicky and Tim searched long and hard for top class bakeries which could supply them with the best cakes and pastries to match the quality of their coffees and teas. They seem to have hit the jackpot, from what we tasted anyway!!! Dumouchel, a bakery based in Garforth, Leeds makes the most AMAZING Brioche slice, I secretly didn’t want to divulge which bakery makes it and try to keep it too myself because it was absolutely delicious!!! Incredibly moist with the perfect balance of almond sweetness and sharpness from the raspberries, an inspired bake. We also tried their brownie and a chocolate mocha cake, both very good, even though I’m not much of a chocolate fan they were moist, gooey and had great subtle flavour, in particular the mocha cake from That Old Chestnut, a bakery from Mabgate, Leeds.

Chocolate brownies
Chocolate brownie
Date flapjack
Date flapjack
Huge Pain au raisin
Huge Pain au raisin!!
Brioche slice with raspberry and almond
Brioche slice with raspberry and almond

So what have they got on offer to drink, they specialise in artisan coffees and offer a range that changes according to seasonality. They use hand selected roasters from around the world and have picked out each roaster and farm that they feel is the best in its class or region. Some of their coffee comes from Workshop Coffee Company, who are based in Clerkenwell, London and Origin Coffee Roasters from Cornwall, while their tea comes from Brew Tea Company. That day on their menu they were serving the Origin (F30) Espresso Blends from El Salvador and Nicaragua, and  Workshops Cult of Done (V14) coffee – 100% Ethiopian. Vicky was more than happy to describe these to us and showed an obvious passion about these products.


DSC_0166 DSC_0181


We drank our coffees and ate our cakes in their cute snug, which is hidden from normal view at the side of the shop. I loved it in there, it felt intimate, like you were slightly cut off from the rest of the shop. It can hold up to 6 guests and also be reserved for breakfast, lunch or drinks. Our coffees were great, my friend who is a lover of coffee even said it’s the best he’s had. I really enjoyed my latte, normally I find them a little bitter and always need sugar, but this didn’t at all and was wonderful as it was.

The snug
The snug
My Brioche Slice with almond and raspberry from Doumouchel
Brioche Slice with almond and raspberry
YUmmy chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate mocha cake from That Old Chestnut
Chocolate mocha cake 


Being a local, independent shop in the Harrogate community is important to Vicky and Tim, and in the future they would like to host different social events, including coffee tastings, brew bar sessions, pop-up events, book launches, poetry readings, live music sessions to bring the local community together.

I definitely recommend Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar, it’s a great place to relax, run by really lovely people. I for one will be visiting every time I’m in Harrogate. It’ll be perfect for going to after I’ve been to the Harrogate Turkish Baths. I can’t wait to visit both, hopefully very soon!!

Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar
52 Parliament Street 
North Yorkshire
Opening Hours: Tues – Fri: 8:30am – 5pm Sat: 09:30am – 5pm Sun: 10:00am – 4pm You can follow them on Twitter @hoxtonnorth or facebook. com/hoxtonnorth.