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Dumouchel Bakery, Garforth, Leeds

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on Hoxton North Espresso and Brew Bar in Harrogate and raved on about the stunning brioche slice with raspberry and almond called Bostock, made by Dumouchel bakery. Well I was soon contacted by them about visiting, to meet the team behind this heavenly delight, and as I couldn’t let this opportunity slip I arranged a look around the earliest opportunity I could.

After a little bit of research I found out that Dumouchel opened in 1998 in the Garforth area of Leeds, and now produces artisan breads, cakes and pastries for weddings, coffee shops and also cater for events. Thierry Dumouchel their master baker has a wealth of experience, having trained at the renowned food college in Rouen, France, and worked all around the world, e.g. in Paris, London, Sydney and Tokyo before opening the patisserie. 


When I arrived at the bakery shop the very first thing that happened, once I opened the door, was my jaw dropping and it felt like I was in bakery heaven! A number of my senses were completely heightened, the smell was something else, and I couldn’t get over it for a couple of minutes! If I could bottle it I would!! In front of me was a multitude of breads and patisserie galore for customers to buy, drool over, or both!! It really was a feast for the eyes.


I was greeted by Rebecca who runs the Bakery with husband Thierry Dumouchel. I like to think I’m pretty good at reading people and you could tell this was a couple completely immersed in producing the highest quality products! Rebecca spoke very passionately about what they do and talked me through the process of their bread making. That they use a 15 year old natural rye mother dough starter which had an incredibly intense smell; this is used with some dough from the previous batch of bread in every new batch. Using chemicals of any sort is definitely not an option when it comes to making their bread, and they rely only on using the basic ingredients of flour (French and English), yeast and salt. They allow the dough to ferment for HOURS, depending on the type of bread it can range between 12-18 hours, even up to 36 hours. Such as the Pain-tradition bread which uses the Camp Remy wheat and a fermentation process of 36 hours, allowing the wheat to gradually break down and the richness in flavour and texture to develop.

15 year old mother starter sourdough
15 year old mother starter dough

This is results in the production in some fabulous breads:

DSC_0250 DSC_0248


DSC_0233 DSC_0251

Rebecca showed me a selection of the sweet treats they are making, including some of the seasonal delights which they were starting to sell in the shop.

Mince pies
Mince pies
Chocolate baubles
Chocolate baubles


I was introduced to a selection of their gorgeous bakes and pastries which were on sale in the shop and I just wanted to wolf them down, Left to my own devices I would have!!!

Petits fours frais (little canapés cakes)
Petits fours frais (little canapés cakes)
Selection of beautiful patisserie
Selection of beautiful patisserie
Millefeuille - vanilla and almond
Millefeuille – vanilla and almond
Choux Chantilly
Choux Chantilly
Vanilla Meringue pot
Vanilla Meringue pot

I sampled a slice of their Millefeuille at the bakery and it was gorgeous. The word Millefeuille means ‘thousand leaves’, and traditionally a mille-feuille consists of three layers of puff pastry, and two layers of crème pâtissière. With powdered sugar sprinkled over the top layer. The one at Dumouchel is Vanilla and Almond, it was heavenly. The pastry was perfect with all the layers clearly on show, the crème pâtissière filling was silky smooth and with the perfect balance with vanilla. It was a complete winner. I later demolished the rest at home with a cup of tea.


They make wonderful chocolates too including the Median, a white chocolate square with candied orange, French pistachio and almond. I’m not normally a chocolate lover, and it can take me literally minutes to eat the smallest piece of chocolate because I find it too rich and sickly. This on the other hand was a million miles away from that, it was lovely. Creamy white chocolate, the candied orange gave a sweet/sourness, delicate almond and the lovely pistachio from Normandy.

Median - white chocolate with almond, pistachio and candied orange
Median – white chocolate with almond, pistachio and candied orange

Rebecca very kindly gave me a loaf of their Pain-tradition for my gluten intolerant other half to try, I can thankfully report that the other half didn’t have an adverse reaction to it and enjoyed the bread very much. It may be one we have to eat more often!!


I’m a bit jealous of the people who live in Garforth because they have this luxury on their doorstep!! All those amazing breads, cakes and pastries. They are very lucky people! Even though the bakery itself is in Garforth, you can eat the lovely breads and cakes in and around Leeds. They supply well known coffee shop Laynes Espresso in the City Centre, and Haley and Clifford Delicatessen in Roundhay with some of their yummy wares. They also have an online shop where bread can be purchased and delivered to your home, the breads are lightly baked so they can either be eaten immediately, frozen or finished in a hot oven. They even give the full baking instructions.

It was fantastic to meet the team at Dumouchel, and not just Rebecca and Thierry, they have a real sense of teamwork and family here. They all share the aim of making something wonderful and it really shows in the quality of their produce. 


1 Ninelands Lane
LS25 1NX
0113 287 0055

Brooklyn Brewery Pop-up, The Calls, leeds

In the world of craft beer and real ale I’ve recently realised that Leeds is a bit of a hot spot place to go, especially with the likes of Friends of Ham, Brewdog Bar and the new Belgrave Music Hall to name a few. Maybe it’s been happening for a while, especially with the likes of North Bar that’s been around for years and of course Whitelocks, being Leeds oldest pub, who’ve always championed the merits of craft beer and ale. I think I’ve been completely oblivious to it. So I’d read a little bit about one of the derelict buildings on The Calls being used for a Brooklyn Brewery pop-up, and when I was invited by Red’s True Barbecue to do a review, I took up the opportunity immediately. DSC_0717You may ask why the invitation was from Red’s, well Brooklyn Brewery and Red’s have collaborated on a number of events before, e.g. Dead Man’s Feast as part of the Leeds International Beer Festival and Grillstock Festival, so this was another great way of promoting what they are good at, but also in a very cool way! With Red’s being given the task of serving their unholy food, surely it could only be a win win situation??

James from Red’s very kindly showed us the venue, on the way in I noticed a small green letter ‘B’ to the left of the entrance – all very unassuming and easily missed.


To pay they are using a quirky token system, you buy them on entry at the reception desk which is also selling Brooklyn Brewery merchandise (£4.50 for one, £20 for five) and swap them at the bar for your choice of tipple.DSC_0730

Beer tokens!!
Beer tokens!!

I’m not sure what the building looked like before, but we were told they’ve put in a lot of money to make sure it was fit for purpose and get the right ambience and feel of the place. They wanted to have an open, warehouse feel, it’s very minimal inside with bare walls, splashed with old paint, Brooklyn Brewery logos can be seen in different guises – with the logo painted on the main wall or in fantastic neon signage. I loved the ‘B’ logos on textured fibreboard as part of the decor. The minimal style continues at the bar area where all the pumps have been installed onto a big metal corrugated sheet with a basic black display board listing the beverages on offer.



The idea of this pop-up is not be to all singing/all dancing look at me ‘we’re here!’, but to subtly do their own thing, in their own way and so people who already love craft beers or people who, like me don’t know much about this world can try some out and find out for themselves.

DSC_0731 DSC_0720

Not being a beer/ale drinker, apart from the odd Belgian fruit beer which I do have a penchant for, I think the last time I drank a pint of beer was probably on a hockey tour, while cheering on my husband’s team in Bridlington many years ago. Even I realised that the choice of beers weren’t the standard ones you would regularly see, you couldn’t see a pale ale, which might normally be considered as a safe bet. Brooklyn Brewery wanted customers to try out their diverse range and basically show them off a little. On arrival at the bar we were greeted by a friendly young man who helped us choose from the list and explained the range to us. I opted for something light and the barman recommended three for me to try out – the Scorcher, Pennant and Cuvee La Boite. After a quick taste of each, all of which were very good I decided on the Scorcher. The Scorcher (#366) is described by Brooklyn Brewery as a ‘hoppy pale ale that’s dry, minerally and fruity on the palate, snappy in the center, and bursting with the citrusy, piney notes that make our new pal 366 so special. It’s got as much hop character as an IPA, but at only 4.5%, Scorcher #366 is eminently sessionable, so you can hang out with it all summer. Scorcher #366 loves lobster, shrimp, and crayfish, but will snarf your nachos and fish tacos without the slightest hesitation. Scorcher #366 prefers charcoal but doesn’t hate on propane. Scorcher #366 is not a snob. Scorcher #366 will have another burger and a hot dog.’ Even for a person who hasn’t drunk beer for years, I have to admit I liked it, it was good!!!

The Brooklyn Scorcher
The Brooklyn Scorcher

In terms of the beers on offer they have on tap: Pennant, Brown Ale, Weisse and Blast! (Perennials), Black Chocolate Stout (Seasonal) and finally Scorcher, Silver Anniversary lager, Cuvee La Boîte (Brewmaster’s Reserve). They also have a selection of large bottles too, with our tokens we purchased the Sorachi Ace, which I was told was very good indeed!!

Teaming up with Reds is a match made in heaven, with their kitchen complete with woodburner smoker and chopped logs a plenty ready to go! I’ve not eaten at Red’s for a few months, not through not wanting too, but I just haven’t had time or the chance. Their menu changes every couple of days and have been feeding people with Red’s staples like their pulled pork, ribs and brisket amongst others.




We both chose the pulled pork sandwich which was really tasty, we’d both been looking forward to this all day and I don’t know why, but I always have a big smile on my face when I get anything from Reds, I think it’s because I’m always really excited about how good it’s gonna be. Well the pork was delicious as anticipated, with enough apple sauce to help cut through the richness of the pork and a lovely crunchy, sharp slaw to give added texture to the tender pork. The glazed bun was lovely and soft and the potato salad was also really good, perfectly cooked potato, creamy with a little whole grain mustard making it just very yummy!! Portion size is NEVER an issue when it comes to Red’s so we were very satisfied, but also very full!!!

North Carolina pulled pork in a glazed bun all covered in apple sauce, slaw and Unholy BBQ sauce with a side of potato salad
North Carolina pulled pork in a glazed bun all covered in apple sauce, slaw and Unholy BBQ sauce with a side of potato salad

I really liked the relaxed feel to the place, its stripped back nature is tailor made for laid back, fun times with friends where you can have a good beer with yummy food. The clientele were a mixed, diverse group of people, more hipster than not, what I sort of expected really. It’s not trying to be something it isn’t. This pop-up is only going to be around for a very short time, Brooklyn Brewery will be gone and the building will be empty by the end of November, so we really need to be making the most of this. Go on, do it!!!


Open Wednesday – Friday, 5pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am & Sunday 5pm-10pm.

follow #BrooklynPopUp on Twitter.

The Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up
22-24 The Calls


Trinity Kitchen is OPEN @ Trinity Leeds

Trinity Kitchen is finally open to the public after months of anticipation, so I went down on the opening evening to see what all the fuss was about. I must say since Trinity Leeds opened earlier this year, I have had some mixed feelings about the place. It has good and bad points and if I’m honest, I wasn’t really sure what to make of Trinity Kitchen from early reports that I’d read. Bringing street food off the street indoors and setting them up in a food hall, sort of defeats the object, especially since Leeds already has a burgeoning street food scene with the Briggate World Feast etc. But I was really wanting to be impressed and feel that when I left it had all been worth it.

Trinity Kitchen has seven permanent restaurants, bars and cafes, all new to Leeds – Vietnamese Pho restaurant, 360 Champagne and Cocktails Bar, Chips + Fish, Notes CafePizzaLuxe and Tortilla, while a monthly rotation of street food vendors starting with Leeds based award winning Manjit’s Kitchen and The Marvellous Tea Company serving tea and cake from their vintage styled garden shed, Gurmetti selling traditional Italian foccacia and wraps from their three-wheel Piaggio van, London based Big Apple Hot Dogs and Katie & Kim (British Street Food 2013 winners) serving cuisines from all over the world will keep the Trinity Kitchen interesting.

DSC_0679 DSC_0680

On arrival to the place I was loving what they had done with the space. Keeping things quite industrial with lots of bare brick walls and concrete columns, pipework and wiring on show. Lots of neon signage, bright colours from street art emblazoned on some of the walls, while other parts made use of the huge windows which look out onto Albion Street. It had a real first day buzz and a fab atmosphere. With the street food vendor carts being transported off the street into the building the place looked fantastic!!



DSC_0624 DSC_0628 DSC_0654 DSC_0609 DSC_0589 DSC_0567 DSC_0545 DSC_0669 DSC_0645DSC_0606



So what about the food then!!! I’d read on Twitter about how good the custard tarts were from Katie & Kim (British Street Food 2013 winners), I’d fallen in love with the traditional Portuguese custard tart Pastel de nata while on holiday in Lisbon, so I thought that would be a good place to start. It was REALLY yummy, nice crumbly pastry and filled with a gorgeous custard which certainly brought back fond memories of a fantastic holiday. I then had a yummy meal at London based Pho Restaurant (review to come) and even though I was now pretty full, I managed to fit in a dessert with a VERY moreish toffee apple cake from Leeds based The Marvellous Tea Dance Company.

Massive Meringues!!!
Massive Meringues!!!
Pastel de nata
Pastel de nata
Toffee apple cake
Toffee apple cake

DSC_0685At the beginning of this I said I wasn’t sure what to make of Trinity Kitchen and that I was hoping to have my mind changed for the better, I must say I was impressed with what they’ve achieved. Yes it was the first day and there was a great buzz and atmosphere about the place, but I have a feeling this is going to continue and grow and grow. From what I saw, people were loving the food and really enjoying the atmosphere as I was. With the monthly change in the street food vendors being brought in, including some from Leeds, e.g. Fish& things can only get better from what was already a great start!

If you are like me and a bit of a pessimist about the whole thing, give it a try. You might just find you like it a lot and leave with a very full belly!!


Trinity Kitchen
27 Albion St
West Yorkshire

Inaugural Cupping event @ North Star Micro Roasters, Leeds

Of all the non-alcoholic beverages I drink coffee isn’t really one of them, I may order a caffè latte (which maybe a bit lame to coffee connoisseurs), but in general I drink it very rarely. On Thursday afternoon I’d received a message on Twitter from North Star Micro Roasters, a Leeds based company who’s primary ethos is to produce coffee from ethically sourced Arabica beans.

IMG_4636They are based on Meanwood Road in close proximity to other Leeds Independents Leeds Bread Co-op and Ridgeside Brewery, and had very kindly invited me to their Inaugural Cupping event, I had no idea what a cupping event was, but I was really intrigued so drove down that evening. As soon as I walked in I saw sacks of their coffee beans stood next to their roaster called Roxanne – a 5KG Toper and a whole host of people from local businesses, friends and family.



DSC_0444Within the first five minutes I had spoken to two people involved in this new venture, born in April this year. Being pretty much a coffee virgin, with virtually zero knowledge about coffee I was quickly involved in a conversation about how each stage of the process was performed from picking the perfect coffee beans to roasting them to perfection, culminating in a coffee which possessed a consistency of flavour with each batch of beans. I had no idea it was so technical and being a science teacher by day, found it quite scientific. 

They have a range of single origin coffees for pour over and two house espresso blends – Czar Street Seasonal Espresso and Dark Arches Espresso. Part of their work at the roastery will be dedicated to collaborating with businesses in order to create bespoke blends unique to their individual tastes. 

What was also great to hear was their interest and commitment to the people who work on the land and do all the growing, picking and processing. North Star are working with Harrogate based Falcon Speciality Green Coffee Importers and both share the same ethos of sustainability, where fair prices are paid to farmers for coffee, the land is used in a way that respects the environment and the continuous improvement of coffee flavour profiles are all at the heart of their business. In turn this will hopefully build relationships that will last and prosper, allowing farmers to continually re-invest. All of North Star coffee is fully traceable, fully certified internationally or audited by Falcon trained social auditors, which ensures that the land where our coffee is grown and the people who grow it are treated with respect.

For the inaugural cupping we saw Roxanne, the 5kg Toper in its element roasting a batch for the evening and during this the profile of the beans was being monitored in terms of the beans temperature to ensure a consistent flavour profile for each batch.



Mike Riley from Falcon Speciality Green Importers, who’d previously work for Taylors of Harrogate for 25 years as Head of Coffee introduced the cupping event and showed an infectious passion for his craft, he spoke lyrically about each coffee that would be tasted, its origin and flavour notes. For the next hour or so people were invited to taste away, comparing coffee from different areas be it Nicaragua, Columbia, Ethiopia and Rwanda to name a few. Coffee was also being used on the La Marcocco Linea espresso machine by expert Barista Ellis Hall, this would also be available for training at the roastery as part of their service to customers.

DSC_0500 DSC_0518DSC_0509

DSC_0465There was a great buzz to the whole event and it showed that maybe I’m missing out here and should give coffee a try. One of the best things about the Leeds food and drink scene currently is the collaboration and support between independent ventures, on the night they had drafted in food from neighbour Leeds Bread Coop, pizza from Dough Boys and tamales from El Topo. Drinks were supplied by another neighbour Ridgeside Brewery.

Leeds Coop bread
Leeds Co-op bread
Cherry and chocolate tamales from El Topo
Cherry and chocolate tamales from El Topo


It was a great evening showcasing coffees from another Leeds independent business. I think I left with a feeling that was evident from the start, that this team at North Star really show an innate passion for the humble coffee bean and this I’m sure can only be a wonderful thing. Leeds is certainly lucky to have them. I’d really like to visit them again in the near future and give coffee, which I hadn’t really given a chance before, a proper try. If it’s through a local, independent venture like this, which encourages me to enjoy this beverage then all the better for it!!!

North Star Micro Roasters
Unit 27
Penraevon Industrial Est.
Jackson Road
Meanwood Road