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A San Francisco Food Odyssey photoblog

When my friend and I decided to go to San Francisco at the start of the school summer holidays, apart from all the things I wanted to see and do, it was all about the things I wanted to eat. I knew that the place was well known for the quality of it’s food, whether it be Michelin starred or street food so I had done plenty of research on how we could fill our faces, time dependent obviously!!! I’d done literally weeks of reading up on blogs/reviews/menus, even annotating our map so we could hopefully find them on our way round. We had seven days to eat/see/do as much as we could. For each district there are too many wonderful places to try out, I so wish I could’ve stayed there for a lot longer. 

Here’s a selection of photos from my food diary, you’ll see tasty wun tun soup and dim sum in Chinatown, empanada and a proper mahoosive Mission burrito in the Mission district, delicious street food ices at Golden Gate Park, beautiful seafood in Sausolito and yummy pasta from a cutsie bar/counter service restaurant Sweet Woodruff (Hayes Valley/Tenderloin).

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This is just a small selection of the foodie delights we encountered during our week in San Francisco, so expect more to come in the form of street food, coffee, sweet treats, Sunday brunch, food markets and Michelin-starred eats.

Have you been to San Francisco, what did you make of the food scene there? Any notable favourites?