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Street feast V @ Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds

Last weekend was a pretty busy one, just how I like it! With a quick stop at the Vegan Festival in the Queens Hotel, a jaunt at The Belgrave, then the 12:40 train to Manchester for some girly fun! I’m a big fan of the Belgrave, as are many Leeds folk and Street Feast has become an event that I look forward to, in particular because of the new street food traders brought into the fold every month.

The usual social media sources kept me up-to date with this months vendors, so with limited time I was on a mission to try new things! As much as I would’ve LOVED to have indulged and feed myself silly I couldn’t, doesn’t mean I didn’t try though!

There were the usual In-House regulars:

Fish&Noisette BakehouseLaynes EspressoDough BoysPatty Smith’s, Fu Schnikens, The Grub & Grog Shop. Guests included Street FodderEl KantinaCrepe LucetteBanh mi BoothGingers Comfort Emporium and Discovery Bay.

The Greedy Pig‘s ‘Nose to Tail Tapas’ would be this month’s Street Lab experiment and newcomers to the event in the drinks department were Little Tipples with their distilled delights!

I had previously tried all but three food vendors, so my mission was to get a belly full of The Greedy Pig, Discovery Bay and Ginger’s Comfort Emporium in 45 minutes. It might sound like loads of time, but it really isn’t if you’re like me and uses up time dreaming at the thought/sight of delicious offerings from every other vendor! Oh I wish I wasn’t so greedy and didn’t possess such a voracious appetite….sometimes!!

The first time The Greedy Pig introduced their ‘nose to tail tapas’ to the masses I was gutted not to get my hands (and mouth) around one of their offerings.  Amazing Graze was first class evidence of how good their food was after rave reviews! I’m not one that’s particularly squeamish about the lesser used parts of the animal, so I was quite relishing the chance to try something. I thought as long as it wasn’t like a bush tucker trial I’d be ok.


‘Nose to tail’ dining has been one of the food trends of the last year and it’s something I think probably needs to be done with care and thought. The Greedy Pig have taken their time to develop their menu and have slowly introduced Leeds to their version, so as soon as I saw Bone Marrow Sliders on the menu, it had my name written ALL over them! With bone marrow in the butter, it was cleverly used and disguised in such a way that made it more accessible to the eater.


The smells from the hot plate were pretty amazing, the beef brisket patty with it’s bone marrow butter speckled with mustard was incredibly delicious and uber rich in flavour. A little messy to eat, but if licking my lips and fingers is a hardship then I’m in the wrong game! If there was any criticism, it would be that the bread may have been a little too thick, especially as it was a slider. Maybe a different choice of bread would’ve been better, as Focaccia is quite an oily bread. But, saying that I’d eat another one or two right now!! On taste the star of the show definitely came through no doubt about it!

image image

The other stall I’d been dying to try out was Discovery Bay, its owner Barrington Douglas has been serving up wonderful Caribbean food at his Huddersfield restaurant since 2006. Having a following from celebrities and royalty alike, there must’ve been a reason why his food was so special, his Jerk Pork Pies are eaten in Buckingham Palace of all places!



Jerk Chicken was their recommendation so of course I had to go for that, I’d be a fool to go against it! In exchange for £5, I received a wrap topped with Jamaican Jerk chicken and Caribbean sweet pumpkin curry. Condiments were either their Hot sauce or their Sweet & Sour sauce for added ‘something something’, as my other half would put it, I opted for the Sweet & Sour.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Caribbean sweet pumpkin curry

I had 15 minutes before I had to rush off, I felt a bit like Cinderella with a food time limit, not dressed for a ball or anything and there was no evidence of a pumpkin carriage, but I desperately needed to head off, meanwhile I still wanted to savour the food in front of me as it was so moreish!!

The delicately spiced chicken was juicy and succulent. I really loved the pumpkin curry and the two of them just seemed to work in perfect harmony with each other. With a bit of veg for some crunch and the heat from the sweet and sour sauce it was crammed with flavour, but also hefty in size too. All for £5, you’ve got to be kidding me!! 

My time was virtually up and the last thing on my to try list was Manchester’s Ginger’s Comfort Emporium. Being a bit behind the game with Ginger’s they first came on my radar at Amazing Graze. Famed for their wonderful flavour combinations using locally sourced ingredients I was desperate to walk out with some. 


After a quick once-over at the menu and I chose the Plum, gin and juniper for my takeaway street food treat, once again showing how street food is not only extremely delicious and moreish, but also so portable!


So good, full of flavour from the plums and I secretly quite liked seeing people watching little green with envy as I waltzed down Briggate with my takeout.


I’m loving the new vendors Belgrave keeps bringing to Leeds and its definitely keeping me on my toes too. I massively enjoyed my 3-course street feast, see you next month where I’ll be filling my belly once again.

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen
1-1A Cross Belgrave Street