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World feast @ Briggate

The World Feast street food market on Briggate in Leeds city centre was on this weekend. We had a look around all the stalls and there was a good selection out today. Barbecue staples from the Reds team, Jerk chicken from the Carribean Man, Boreks at Musti’s Kitchen were some examples of what was on offer. Not all the usual proprietors were out on Briggate today though, I think some were involved in the Leeds Waterfront festival, e.g. Fish&. At the time I fancied a tasty crepe, so asked for a Mellow Yellow from The Crepe Escape. This is a crepe filled with lemon curd, which I’d never had before, but as I’m a big fan of lemon curd I thought why not!!

IMG_4238 IMG_3315

Oh it was LOVELY…freshly made in front of our eyes it was thin, but not too thin so it didn’t collapse. It had the perfect ratio of crispness:doughiness, and for me a prerequisite of a great crepe is the crisp frilly edge, it certainly ticked this box. Filled with a good dollop of lemon curd which went slightly runny from the heat of the crepe. I really could have eaten another one straight away!!!

IMG_4240 IMG_4241

Lemon curd crepe
Crepe with oozy lemon curd!!!

Such a tasty bargain for just £3!!!

Next up was I Spice, from Hebden Bridge had pakoras, onion bhaji and homemade chutneys on sale.

IMG_4251 IMG_4245

A pot of mixed pakora was just £3.50, with onion bhaji, potato pakora and cauliflower pakora with yoghurt and their homemade hot Yorkshire root chutney. Everything was perfectly cooked, very flavoursome with the right amount of spice, the chutney was hot as expected so the cooling yoghurt was a very welcome addition.

A pot of mixed pakoras, yoghurt and Yorkshire Roxy Root Chutney
A pot of mixed pakoras, yoghurt and Yorkshire Roxy Root Chutney

Another reason why we went was because their products are gluten free, which is a must for my partner in crime! They were excellent value and the little delights really did not last very long at all. They have a regular stall at Kirkstall Deli Market at Kirkstall Abbey, held on the last weekend of every month and are also working with Handpicked Hall in the Grand Arcade to sell their products too.

Yes, don’t get me wrong I love going out for meals, but for street food this yummy at these bargainous prices, come on you’ve got to try them out, you’ll be pleased you did!!

The Crepe Escape
I Spice 
07722 630 733 
email: ispice@ispice.biz.


Saturday night curry

Starting a food blog gives me a good excuse to go out for food, so I thought a curry was a good choice on a chilly Saturday night. I was feeling a bit peckish after missing out on lunch anyway today! A favourite of ours is Amaans curry house in Morley, Leeds. Even though it’s probably only a couple of miles away, it’s not the nearest place to sit down for a curry, but in our opinion it’s the yummiest! As usual we were greeted by the same friendly faces and were asked for drinks. Our food order was taken and we were invited into the dining room when poppadoms and pickle tray arrived soon after sitting down. It’s always a good introduction to the curry which is to come, the poppadoms crisp and the condiments tasty.

The pickle tray  with poppadoms.
The pickle tray with poppadoms.


The chicken pakora arrived and they were delicious, just enough spice to give a warming feeling and the raita dip was a nice partner for the pakora.

Chicken pakora.
Chicken pakora.

Next up were the main courses of classic chicken bhuna and a dish from Amaans signature selection called Harry’s special, to be mopped up with a garlic naan bread. Named after a regular diner, Harry’s special consists of tender pieces of chicken lamb in a thick sauce with onions and peppers. Being regular customers ourselves we already knew what to expect and this occasion didn’t disappoint. The garlic naan came hanging off the customary naan bread tree and was lovely and soft, with enough garlic to taste yummy, but not too much to be overpowering. My chicken bhuna was tasty, I normally go for a prawn bhuna but decided to go with chicken and was very pleased with my choice. The chicken was tender and the sauce packed with flavour of coriander, garlic, tomato and other herbs and spices. I was told repeatedly how good Harry’s special was, the combination of the chicken and lamb was a match made in heaven and the sauce was extremely moreish! The drink of choice was a Cobra beer which as you would think complimented the food perfectly and just a lemonade for me, the designated driver.

Classic chicken bhuna.
Classic chicken bhuna.
Harry's special - a dish of chicken and lamb in a special sauce with fried onions and peppers.
Harry’s special – a dish of chicken and lamb in a special sauce with fried onions and peppers.
Classic accompaniment garlic naan bread.
Classic accompaniment garlic naan bread.

The service is always friendly and welcoming and the menu is filled with all the usual starters and sundries. The range of curries is vast, with the usual classics like tikka masala and korma but also a decent selection of Amaans own dishes, e.g. the Vensi a curry cooked with the meat of your choice, cream and a sauce with herbs, spices, tomatoes & peppers. The  Special Handi is also a popular dish, your choice of meat is cooked in a clay pot with herbs & spices and the chef’s sauce.

As usual with all curry houses vegetarians are well catered for, speaking from past experience I’ve always been pleased with the vegetarian dishes I’ve eaten here. Prices are reasonable, our meal last night came to around £38 for 2 people (a starter, 2 main courses with a naan bread, 2 pints of cobra and a lemonade).

Starters range from £2.95 – £6.50, main courses are between £6 – £10, side dishes and sundries £2 – £3.50.

I know there are loads of decent places in Leeds and Bradford, but Amaans stills remains a favourite of ours!