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Primo’s revisited @ White Rose Centre, Leeds

I don’t go to the White Rose Centre very often, but as my extra curricular activities tend to be in the city centre, the cost of parking soon takes its toll. I was urgently in need of some fancy dress items (don’t ask), so I thought parking at the White Rose Centre for free was a wiser choice on this occasion. Food’s never too far from my mind, especially when I’m not at work, but the only place I’d really thought of eating there which was local and independent was Primo’s Gourmet Hotdogs. The last time I ate one of their hotdogs was at the Corn Exchange in July last year, so I didn’t see the harm in trying them out again.


On the menu their not short of sausage variations with All beef Frankfurters, Bratwurst or Bockwurst sausages, served in dogs with different toppings. Vegetarians don’t need to feel left out as they serve a Tofu & chilli dog, but apart from that it is limited on the veggie front though and I feel there could be a few more options to choose from. Fries are the perfect partner with a hotdog, so they’ve wisely put together meal deals, from £4.95 – £6.95 for fries, a regular soft drink with either an All beef dog, Classic dog or Suprimo dog.

After a quick nosey I opted for the Mexicana meal deal (£5.95). It wasn’t particularly busy so service was quick, and whilst waiting for my order to arrive I had chance to scan the upstairs of the shopping centre. It’s been a while since I last visited, and it seemed that they’ve done work to freshen up the place and make it more appealing, in particular with the seating areas and new intake of restaurants, including a number of well-known chains. It also seemed really light and open which I liked compared to other shopping centres, such as Meadowhall and Trafford Centre which I find dull and oppressive. 



My dog arrived on the table in under 10 minutes so that was good, it also looked pretty darn tasty to boot! The Mexicana has an all beef Frankfurter, topped with Monterey Jack cheese, tomato salsa and hot jalapeños. Sour cream balanced out the heat, whilst the salsa and guacamole gave the nod to Mexican food. Both of which could have had more punch and were a little underwhelming, I couldn’t say if the guacamole was homemade as it looked extremely smooth and out of a squeezy bottle. Oh, I shouldn’t forget about the fries, they were ok, but definitely could’ve been a more crisp and golden, saying that I did eat them all. With a can of pop the total bill was just £5.95 (a classic meal deal).


For under £6 it was decent, not perfect, but if I venture into the White Rose a little peckish again I’ll definitely head back to Primo’s. I did see on Twitter that they were thinking of changing their menu soon, so I’m sure I’ll be back to try them out when they do.

Have you tried Primo’s – what’s your opinion, do you have a favourite hotdog?

Food: tasty but not perfect. Menu needs more options for vegetarians if possible and even a gluten free option. 

Service: staff were friendly and service was brisk.

Atmosphere: the White Rose Centre has smartened up a bit since I last went. There’s definitely a more appealing environment. 

White Rose Centre
Dewsbury Road
LS11 8LU