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Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Last Sunday came the second of two half marathons I’d entered, spread over two weekends, this time in Edinburgh. The Saturday before meant carb loading time again, as I was staying with my mate near Glasgow we ventured around the city centre in search of lunch. I’ve had some fantastic meals in the city, a notable one was at The Butchershop Bar & Grill on Sauchiehall Street, but as my knowledge is limited I left it to my friends who knew the city well to choose.

We walked up to a place with a brilliant name Bread Meats Bread, on entering it was easy to see the place was a popular one, as it was standing room only and we, like others joined the queue. This gave me a chance to have a nosey and watch the kitchen at work – bowls of Poutine, fantastic looking burgers and sandwiches were coming out thick and fast. Immediately I thought we need one of these in Leeds!!

Bread Meats Bread opened in 2012 with the ethos of serving quality, ethical ingredients, all prepared and cooked in their open kitchen. 


Fortunately table turnover was relatively swift and we were sat at a table within ten minutes. For a nosey at the menu click here, this place is perfect for a hungry carnivore, but sadly for non-meat eaters you may think you are left with slim pickings. Their menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, Poutine, gourmet dogs, salad with a number of side dishes. Prices range from £4.50 – £10 for main dishes and sides are £1.50 – £3.

It took us a while to decide as there was lots of choice, but in the end we all went for some sort of sandwich, following the theme of ‘Bread Meats Bread’. Personally I was sold on the Porchetta sandwich with Bacon chips.

Porchetta sandwich
Porchetta sandwich

Just moments before we received our own food, I spied a sandwich and burger being brought to a table behind us, this was evidence enough of the prospect of a mighty feed. My Porchetta sandwich was massive, a lovely soft Brioche bun was packed with soft, flavourful meat. Lots of flavour from herbs making it incredible enjoyable.  I’d ordered a portion of Bacon chips, not realising how big the sandwich would be, in hindsight I didn’t need them, but how was I to know I’d get a sandwich that was enough for two! They were very good chips and the bacon was tasty, some bits could have had crispier fat though. The addition of mayo made the whole thing really moreish! 

Smoked Beef Brisket in a  Brioche bun
Smoked Beef Brisket in a Brioche bun
BBQ pulled pork sandwich
BBQ pulled pork sandwich


Sweet Potato Fries
Bacon Chips
Bacon Chips

On all accounts, both sides of the table were very happy – well fed and watered! Our bill came to £44 for 4 people, not including a tip.

I’d definitely recommend Bread Meats Bread!

Food: Great for carnivores, a little limited for non-meat eaters but when the name of the restaurant is ‘Bread Meats Bread’ you’d expect it.

Service: Quick, friendly staff. Waiting time is short and there’s a fast table turnover. 

Atmosphere: Busy, lively atmosphere, with an open kitchen which allows the smell of tasty meat to waft over you while you wait.

Do you have any ideas for great food in Glasgow, I’d love to add them to the travel itinerary for my next visit?

Bread Meats Bread
104 St Vincent Street
G2 5UB
0141 249 98 98


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Froth & Fodder – The North’s Coffee Community pt V

I’d never heard of Froth & Fodder until their appearance at North Star‘s Latte Art Throwdown. This place was originally called Cool Beans until a few years ago, and can be found opposite Leeds University’s Parkinson Building on Blenheim Terrace. Mostly frequented by students, lecturers and other University folk. As not being a part of Leeds University’s alumni I’ve never really had much reason to venture here, often driving up through the University on the way to Headingley and beyond. It’s definitely a bit of a hidden gem with it’s subterranean feel as you walk downstairs from street level.


With its relaxed feel and quirky mix of furniture, such as leather sofas, old school desks, wooden P.E. benches and artwork on the walls, there’s a laid back atmosphere. Sam, the Head Barista said they like to have art exhibitions at Froth & Fodder, in particular they recently had art work from Leeds College students exhibited.



Their coffee’s from New Town Coffee Roaster based in Edinburgh, who provide them with a seasonal custom blend. In the future they would also like to incorporate guest coffees to their menu too.


In terms of food they have a breakfast menu, including the customary full breakfast (meat and veggie versions), and their best seller is a 9 hour slow cooked belly pulled pork sandwich using meat from well known Sykes House Farm from Wetherby.


I HAD to go for the pulled pork sandwich,  I thought to myself it can’t be so popular for nothing!! I asked for a small one (£3.50), it arrived in a lovely fresh submarine roll filled to the rafters with soft pulled pork, there was also a sprinkling of sliced spring onions and some hoisin sauce. I soon realised why it’s their best seller as it was VERY tasty and definitely a great choice. I was very content, with my pulled pork sandwich, fresh OJ and The Raconteurs playing in the background. Just goes to show simplicity is extremely yummy!


I spied the person sitting alongside me with a rather tasty looking bacon sandwich too and I hear their full breakfasts aren’t nothing to be sniffed at either!

Some of their baked goods are made by Brown & Blond, the artisan brownie makers, and they also have a selection of other sandwiches and salads too.



In the future they plan to extend their menu and have more choice for gluten free and also start showcasing guest coffees too, which I’ll look forward to trying out.


If like me, you’ve never seen or heard of Froth & Fodder before give it a try, you can relax in theredo a spot of work whilst having a good feed and listen to some great music at the same time. There are a number of similar establishments on the same stretch of Leeds which may lure you in, but this is one you should give a chance if you haven’t already. 

Froth & Fodder
30 Blenheim Terrace
United Kingdom


Smoke Barbecue Grand Opening, Sheffield

Only since starting the blog has Sheffield come onto my radar as somewhere to go out for a decent feed. Even though my best mate lives there, I didn’t really know much about their food scene until I started reading other bloggers reviews. So when I was invited to visit a new restaurant called Smoke Barbecue in Sheffield city centre, I was quite excited. The owner Sean Gregory was so inspired after watching Man v Food, he hopped on a plane to Texas and hasn’t looked back since, opening Smoke Barbecue in December 2013. They say they specialise in authentic BBQ pit meats using a unique smoke for cooking. 

From what I’d researched, Sheffield has been waiting a long time for a restaurant like this and well here it is in all its glory. Smoke Barbecue is found beneath the striking, but aptly named ‘Cheesegrater’ car park on Charles Street in the heart of Sheffield city centre. I was a little worried on the way there that I’d have trouble finding the place, but luckily the old sat nav did the trick! We stepped out of the car park to find the restaurant with its signage showing us the way. Tempting smells wafted over, giving us a hit of smokiness which immediately caught us in our stride and drew us in.


Smoke Barbecue initially opened its doors in December with a soft launch, with the aim of gradually honing their craft over the last month or so. I was intrigued by this venture as living in Leeds, the last year or so has seen a major increase in the American barbecue scene, especially with the likes of Reds True Barbecue amongst others making such an massive impact.

On entering the building we found it to be a pretty sizeable space, there’s an open plan industrial/warehouse feel with metal ducting, bare concrete and exposed brick walls on show. There was a strange mix of furniture, with some diners eating at proper dining tables, while others were sat at tables made out of pretend pallets. I’m all for being a little quirky, but I found it a little bit odd.




We were greeted by a lovely lady who seated us at a booth. It did take a number of minutes for us to get served though, and as the restaurant had been informed that one of us was gluten intolerant, our server seemed to have no idea what this was, when I mentioned it!! This is where inconsistencies started to show up, for example I could see diners being given popcorn while they looked at their menus, but neither we, or some others tables received any.

On perusal of their menu it’s definitely for the carnivore, very protein heavy with only a small selection of options for non-meat eaters.


We were told by our server we’d be given a Smoke Sharer Plate to sample between us, which costs £30. Included in the plate were beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey leg, links sausage, baby back ribs, chips and a side of our choice, I also selected the smokey pit beans to accompany this feast. All sounded great on paper, if not a little meat heavy. We also ordered two glasses of wine which arrived strangely in glass tumblers, is this what they do in Texas?



The food did take a little while to arrive, and on first glance I think I was a little scared by the massive turkey leg so we decided to leave it till last. The food was also served warm, part from the sides which was disappointing. 




From this sample there were definitely positive and negatives. In terms of the meat the best bit on our plate was the brisket, which had a lovely smokey flavour and was well cooked leaving it juicy and moist. It worked well with the accompanying sauce. The Texas link sausages were meaty and had a nice smokey flavour to them, nicely charred from the grill. The sides were excellent! Our chips were great – a good size, crisp and fluffy, the smokey pit beans were exactly that, they had an amazing smokey sauce, very delicious. I’d love those beans on a big slice of toast. These were the best bits.

The pulled pork was a real disappointment and it didn’t really do it for me. The meat itself was quite bland compared to pulled pork I’ve had from other places. The turkey leg was something I’d would never normally choose, as I’m not a fan anyway, but we both found it dry and sadly lacking flavour. The baby back ribs were small in size as you’d expect and even though the sticky sauce that had been brushed on them was nice, the ribs themselves were just ok.

In terms of service we were seated so we could see the bar as well as the kitchen, after a month of opening I felt the service was friendly but could be a more efficient. There were times when sharer plates were ready on the pass at the same time, but there was no one to take them. The staff did seem happy to get receive feedback and were very pleasant during the evening though. Service is a bug bear with me, but as Smoke Barbecue is still in its infancy I’m sure the team will endeavour to iron out these niggles. 

Their slogan is ‘Put the fork down, it’s time to get dirty!’ which we happily did, but then when wiping your hands after eating lots of food covered in sauce, a napkin doesn’t really do the trick sufficiently. A supply of moist hand wipes to clean up the mess would have been ideal. 

If I’m completely honest I would say that the food here is definitely a work in progress, more consistency in quality of flavour is required. This is where the phrase ‘quality not quantity’ rings true, more thought and attention to detail to get the meat really juicy, moist and full of flavour across the whole menu is needed here. More choice is needed too, especially for non-meat eaters.

Food: Carnivore friendly, food hit and miss, more consistency needed in terms of flavour and temperature!! Lacks choice for non-meat eater.

Service: Friendly but need to improve efficiency and consistency.

Atmosphere: It was a busy evening so the place did have a buzz about it.

Value for money: We were invited, so our meal was complimentary,  but we felt the plate was quite expensive for the quality of the food.

Smoke Barbecue

1 St Pauls Place

Arundel Gate


S1 2PN

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Brooklyn Brewery Pop-up, The Calls, leeds

In the world of craft beer and real ale I’ve recently realised that Leeds is a bit of a hot spot place to go, especially with the likes of Friends of Ham, Brewdog Bar and the new Belgrave Music Hall to name a few. Maybe it’s been happening for a while, especially with the likes of North Bar that’s been around for years and of course Whitelocks, being Leeds oldest pub, who’ve always championed the merits of craft beer and ale. I think I’ve been completely oblivious to it. So I’d read a little bit about one of the derelict buildings on The Calls being used for a Brooklyn Brewery pop-up, and when I was invited by Red’s True Barbecue to do a review, I took up the opportunity immediately. DSC_0717You may ask why the invitation was from Red’s, well Brooklyn Brewery and Red’s have collaborated on a number of events before, e.g. Dead Man’s Feast as part of the Leeds International Beer Festival and Grillstock Festival, so this was another great way of promoting what they are good at, but also in a very cool way! With Red’s being given the task of serving their unholy food, surely it could only be a win win situation??

James from Red’s very kindly showed us the venue, on the way in I noticed a small green letter ‘B’ to the left of the entrance – all very unassuming and easily missed.


To pay they are using a quirky token system, you buy them on entry at the reception desk which is also selling Brooklyn Brewery merchandise (£4.50 for one, £20 for five) and swap them at the bar for your choice of tipple.DSC_0730

Beer tokens!!
Beer tokens!!

I’m not sure what the building looked like before, but we were told they’ve put in a lot of money to make sure it was fit for purpose and get the right ambience and feel of the place. They wanted to have an open, warehouse feel, it’s very minimal inside with bare walls, splashed with old paint, Brooklyn Brewery logos can be seen in different guises – with the logo painted on the main wall or in fantastic neon signage. I loved the ‘B’ logos on textured fibreboard as part of the decor. The minimal style continues at the bar area where all the pumps have been installed onto a big metal corrugated sheet with a basic black display board listing the beverages on offer.



The idea of this pop-up is not be to all singing/all dancing look at me ‘we’re here!’, but to subtly do their own thing, in their own way and so people who already love craft beers or people who, like me don’t know much about this world can try some out and find out for themselves.

DSC_0731 DSC_0720

Not being a beer/ale drinker, apart from the odd Belgian fruit beer which I do have a penchant for, I think the last time I drank a pint of beer was probably on a hockey tour, while cheering on my husband’s team in Bridlington many years ago. Even I realised that the choice of beers weren’t the standard ones you would regularly see, you couldn’t see a pale ale, which might normally be considered as a safe bet. Brooklyn Brewery wanted customers to try out their diverse range and basically show them off a little. On arrival at the bar we were greeted by a friendly young man who helped us choose from the list and explained the range to us. I opted for something light and the barman recommended three for me to try out – the Scorcher, Pennant and Cuvee La Boite. After a quick taste of each, all of which were very good I decided on the Scorcher. The Scorcher (#366) is described by Brooklyn Brewery as a ‘hoppy pale ale that’s dry, minerally and fruity on the palate, snappy in the center, and bursting with the citrusy, piney notes that make our new pal 366 so special. It’s got as much hop character as an IPA, but at only 4.5%, Scorcher #366 is eminently sessionable, so you can hang out with it all summer. Scorcher #366 loves lobster, shrimp, and crayfish, but will snarf your nachos and fish tacos without the slightest hesitation. Scorcher #366 prefers charcoal but doesn’t hate on propane. Scorcher #366 is not a snob. Scorcher #366 will have another burger and a hot dog.’ Even for a person who hasn’t drunk beer for years, I have to admit I liked it, it was good!!!

The Brooklyn Scorcher
The Brooklyn Scorcher

In terms of the beers on offer they have on tap: Pennant, Brown Ale, Weisse and Blast! (Perennials), Black Chocolate Stout (Seasonal) and finally Scorcher, Silver Anniversary lager, Cuvee La Boîte (Brewmaster’s Reserve). They also have a selection of large bottles too, with our tokens we purchased the Sorachi Ace, which I was told was very good indeed!!

Teaming up with Reds is a match made in heaven, with their kitchen complete with woodburner smoker and chopped logs a plenty ready to go! I’ve not eaten at Red’s for a few months, not through not wanting too, but I just haven’t had time or the chance. Their menu changes every couple of days and have been feeding people with Red’s staples like their pulled pork, ribs and brisket amongst others.




We both chose the pulled pork sandwich which was really tasty, we’d both been looking forward to this all day and I don’t know why, but I always have a big smile on my face when I get anything from Reds, I think it’s because I’m always really excited about how good it’s gonna be. Well the pork was delicious as anticipated, with enough apple sauce to help cut through the richness of the pork and a lovely crunchy, sharp slaw to give added texture to the tender pork. The glazed bun was lovely and soft and the potato salad was also really good, perfectly cooked potato, creamy with a little whole grain mustard making it just very yummy!! Portion size is NEVER an issue when it comes to Red’s so we were very satisfied, but also very full!!!

North Carolina pulled pork in a glazed bun all covered in apple sauce, slaw and Unholy BBQ sauce with a side of potato salad
North Carolina pulled pork in a glazed bun all covered in apple sauce, slaw and Unholy BBQ sauce with a side of potato salad

I really liked the relaxed feel to the place, its stripped back nature is tailor made for laid back, fun times with friends where you can have a good beer with yummy food. The clientele were a mixed, diverse group of people, more hipster than not, what I sort of expected really. It’s not trying to be something it isn’t. This pop-up is only going to be around for a very short time, Brooklyn Brewery will be gone and the building will be empty by the end of November, so we really need to be making the most of this. Go on, do it!!!


Open Wednesday – Friday, 5pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am & Sunday 5pm-10pm.

follow #BrooklynPopUp on Twitter.

The Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up
22-24 The Calls


Wednesday night BBQ @ Smokehouse, Wakefield

Even though I’ve worked in Wakefield for over ten years, it’s not a place I tend to spend much extra curricular time in. Apart from getting my cultural fix from The Hepworth Gallery and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and also the odd farm shop (Blacker Hall Farm) I’ve never really given it a chance in terms of places to eat and drink. My friend had mentioned a place just off the Bullring near Westgate Train station called Smokehouse on Wood Street.

IMG_4634 IMG_4589 IMG_4602Smokehouse opened in April earlier this year and seems to be following a trend of eateries – American inspired BBQ food, of which in Leeds I can compare it too Reds True BBQ, IT Bar and Cattle Grid to name a few!!! More and more restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon so I was interested to see their take in this niche market.

IMG_4593 IMG_4595

We’d gone there after work and arrived very early, so there was only another couple in at the time. Carnivores are kept happy and well served by their menu consisting of small plates, such as nachos and salt & pepper squid, there’s also ribs, a range of steaks and food served in bread meaning burgers. Vegetarians are also catered for with a small selection of delights like their Fun Guy Burger.


I hadn’t eaten all day, apart from a few naughty pieces of all-butter shortbread so I was absolutely ravenous, after a good look at the menu I went for some chicken wings, followed by a cheese burger, fries and slaw. While my friend decided on caper prawns and the pulled pork with fries. All the food looked spot on and we quickly dived right in.

Caper prawns - battered, deep fried tiger prawns served with caper mayo
Caper prawns – battered, deep fried tiger prawns served with caper mayo
Salt & pepper chicken wings
Salt & pepper chicken wings

The chicken wings were fried till golden brown and were covered in plenty of well seasoned crust which had excellent flavour, salt and pepper as advertised. The chicken was very juicy, moist and delicious!! A decent portion too, a great start!! My friends’ prawns were also well cooked, with a lovely thin golden batter, the tiger prawns were still juicy and had a yummy caper mayonnaise that really helped to cut through the richness of the deep friedness (yes, I know that’s not a real word) of our starters. Not long after we’d finished our starters the burger and pulled pork were brought over, accompanied by the side of slaw and the house condiments, a selection of sauces and mayonnaise. I was hoping these were just as tasty as our starters and we weren’t disappointed. Both the burger and pulled pork came housed in their in-house bread buns and were accompanied by a healthy portion of fries.

House single burger with grilled lean beef, chorizo and smoked ham patties, cheese,dill pickles, red onion, iceberg lettuce in a in-house bun with fries
House single burger with grilled lean beef, chorizo and smoked ham patties, cheese,dill pickles, red onion, iceberg lettuce in a in-house bun with fries
House pulled pork in a bun with fries
House pulled pork in a bun with fries

IMG_4614 IMG_4624

My burger and fries hit all the right notes with crisp fries, the burger was very yummy, especially the patty which was made of lean beef with chorizo and smoked ham. I loved having the spicy smokiness of the chorizo and ham running through the beef, something new that I hadn’t tried before. I might just have to have a go at making some at home!! With the fresh crunch from the salad and the acidity of the pickle it made it really enjoyable! A lovely soft burger bun, a bit on the large size for the patty, but nonetheless tasted good. My friend seemed to really like her pulled pork bun and I tried some of the meat and I must say it was rather tasty, I think I’ll be trying it next time. I’d ordered a slaw on the side, a bit of an odd choice for me as I’m not normally a fan of coleslaw. I tend to find it too sickly, but this was very yummy, something I never thought I would say about slaw!! What was really nice was the addition of chunks of fresh apple which added a zing and helped to cut its richness. From the additional condiments we tried the Chipotle Mayo and the Stupid Sauce, I thought both were great, the mayo was creamy with a hint of sourness, but also with a nice smoky heat from the jalapeno pepper. The Sticky Sauce was really intense with spice and heat, a bit too much for my taste, but I can see it could have many fans with its really punchy flavour.

IMG_4618 IMG_4620

We were also given the added bonus of some free cocktails as they were doing some cocktail training that evening, very good they were too.

Tea Sling - gin, tea syrup, cucumber, lemon juice and soda. Thyme machine - rum, mint, rosemary lime and thyme syrup mojito.
Tea Sling – gin, tea syrup, cucumber, lemon juice and soda.
Thyme machine – rum, mint, rosemary lime and thyme syrup mojito.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about what they’ve got on offer here at Smokehouse. The menu is a decent size with lots of choice for the carnivore, hopefully in the future they’ll develop more options for non-meat eaters and it would also be fantastic if they could be more transparent with what’s gluten free on the menu.

In matters other than the food, our meal for two cost £35 for food and drinks without service charge.

If you are in the Wakefield area Smokehouse will serve you well with a decent bit of food, good drinks and a full stomach. I’d recommend it! Over the last few years Wakefield has suffered since Bretton Campus, part of University of Leeds shut down in 2007 losing a lot of student custom. From talking to other Wakefield folk it seems that Wakefield has some restaurants that need to be tried out and given a chance, I’ll make sure I start doing that.

Food: Tasty and well cooked!!

Service: Staff were friendly, likeable and really have an interest in providing a good service to customers in terms of good food and drink.

Atmosphere: Was quiet at the time but we did eat at 5pm!! Has a good looking bar and main dining room

18 Wood Street
01924 367176