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Casa Espresso, The North’s Coffee Community

For years, Casa Espresso has built up a reputation for supplying San Remo coffee machines and coffee blends across the local area. Starting with some very humble beginnings, Nino Di Rienzo was brought up in an Italian family where food and drink went hand in hand with everything!  His father was a master pizza maker who’d run a pizzeria for many years, where Nino worked with him. 

The whole coffee thing started years ago, when Nino’s father fixed a coffee machine after lots of tinkering and started to learn the ropes. Eventually going back to Naples to the San Remo factory to learn how to service their professional machines, eventually becoming their main suppliers in the North. Meanwhile, there was a lot of bad coffee being made and knowing it could be down so much better Casa Espresso was born, with the aim of bringing the best machines and coffee to the area. Since then the business has built a reputation for their professionalism, knowledge and excellent customer service.

Recently they wanted to expand the service they provide and started batch roasting their own beans, making them possibly Bradford’s first micro roasters. Using Falcon Coffee, Harrogate speciality coffee importers they currently have a selection of single origin beans; an Ethiopian, Nicaraguan and a Rwandan, all of which are extremely good, the Rwandan is particularly special!! Expertly roasted by Jonny Drake, who’s been working wonders with the machine, they’re on the books at a number of local cafes and coffee shops in and around the local area. 








Casa Espresso’s coffee can be bought directly from them, or you may prefer to visit one of these local establishments where it can be bought or enjoyed at your leisure – Shipley Health Store, Buonissimo Deli and Record Cafe (Bradford), Moo’d Cereal House (Leeds), Gusto Italiano (Leeds farmers markets) and a little further afield at The Brew Mill (Bridlington)!! 

Casa Espresso Ltd

U5 Briar Rhydding House

Otley Road


West Yorkshire

BD17 7JW

01274 595841



Saturday Brunch, Auckland NZ, guest post by Joan Edwards

My husband and I were meeting a friend and her 4-year old son for a spot of brunch on Saturday morning and had arranged to go to The Tannery. The Tannery is a new collaboration between the ice-cream makers Kohu Road and the Coffee Roasters, Mt Atkinson.

The Tannery
The Tannery

We used to frequent the café at the Kohu Road creamery often and enjoyed their home-made pies, their Portuguese custard tarts and of course their ice-cream, so were disappointed when it closed down. But, fear not, It turned out that the space had been bought by the Mt Atkinson coffee owner who had a vision to create a space where you could watch the coffee being roasted and the ice-cream being made all on the same premises. The space has been renovated but continues to keep an airy warehouse feel with windows to both the creamery and the coffee roastery (roastery still under construction at time of visit). The café has always been popular with families and they will be pleased that The Tannery has kept the Kohu Road caravan which keeps the little ones amused while you eat.

Kohu Road Caravan
Kohu Road Caravan

The food offerings are simple – being limited to bagels and a small selection of baked sweet goods. However, on my first visit a few weeks ago, I was pleased to discover that they stock Best Ugly Bagels. Best Ugly Bagels are a relatively new venture from Al Brown (a NZ celebrity chef and restauranteur). They are a Montreal-style bagel as opposed to the more commonly available New York style and in my opinion, much tastier! They are hand-rolled, boiled and wood-fired in Auckland daily – and are much lighter and chewier than your standard bagel.

The Tannery offers five varieties of filled bagels, including a monthly special but they also allow you to build your own bagel with a number of fillings such as nutella, hummus, and peanut butter available. There are also 3 varieties of Best Ugly Bagel: sesame, poppy seed and cinnamon & raisin.

Food is ordered at the counter and delivered to your table. Sometimes the queue can be frustratingly long but this morning, although busy, our order of drinks and bagels was taken quickly. My husband also ordered himself a ‘cronut’ – a cross between a croissant and a custard doughnut as an entrée to go with his coffee. Delicious – but probably not too healthy!

We hadn’t been there long when we were treated to a flash-mob style percussion performance from people scattered throughout the café – there was a guy sat near me with a teaspoon and bottle, another behind me banging a plastic bin on the concrete floor, a girl at the other end of the café rhythmically tapping the sugar pot against the table and a couple of guys with broomsticks by the entrance. It sounds bizarre but it all came together to make a good noise. As we found out later, it was being filmed for TV3 and we were asked to sign waiver forms to give our permission for our images to be broadcast on NZ TV and apparently throughout the universe!

Our bagels arrived in good time: a New York (Gruyère, pastrami, hot mustard and cornichons) for my husband, King (Smoked salmon, capers, dills, red onion a cream cheese) for my friend and the monthly special (Blue cheese, pear, walnut and rocket) for me – all on poppy seed bagels.

King Bagel
King Bagel
New Yorks bagel
New York bagel
Blue cheese, pear, walnut and rocket bagel
Blue cheese, pear, walnut and rocket bagel

When they arrived, my husband asked if he could have some pepper. This seemed to confuse the waitress who claimed they did not have any! I am sure they must have some on the premises and it would be useful to have salt and pepper on the table. We let it go however, and enjoyed the bagels. They’re not as straight-from-the-oven type fresh as they are in the Best Ugly Bagel outlet in the city – but pretty good nonetheless.

In addition to the bagels, my friend’s son was treated to a cone with scoops of banana and raspberry ice-cream. Both me and my friend tried some of the banana icecream and agreed although it wouldn’t have been our choice of flavour – it was very good and extremely banana-ry! Not surprising as I am big fan of the Kohu Road ice-cream and they are always made generously with the best ingredients. My favourite is the dark chocolate which is made with 72% French cocoa solids. We often keep a tub in the freezer at home and you only need a small amount for a special treat after dinner.

Kohu ROad Ice-cream
Kohu Road Ice-cream


Of course, the other main event at The Tannery apart from the ice-cream is the coffee: I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband has turned into a bit of a coffee snob since moving to NZ. Kiwis take their coffee seriously and I’m told the Mt Atkinson coffee did not disappoint – a rich blend with a good kick. So good, that he ordered another cup!

All in all, although we miss the old Kohu Road café, The Tannery is a good substitute and its location (walking distance from home) along with the welcome addition of Best Ugly Bagels means that we will continue to frequent this café for coffee and brunch.

Service: Service was quick due to no queue when we arrived. Coffee and bagels arrived quickly, but my friend’s ginger tea and her son’s hot chocolate took a bit of time to be served. We had finished eating the bagels by the time they arrived and no explanation was offered.

Food: Limited offerings but Best Ugly Bagels are always welcome. Coffee and ice-cream of high quality.

Prices: Filled bagels are priced at $9.50. Take-away multipacks of 5 bagels also available for $14 – perfect for when you have friends around for brunch.

The Tannery
44B Portage Road
New Lynn
New Zealand
09 827 6608