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OnRoundhay festival by Lucy Reynolds 

Last weekend, I was dancing around, beer in hand, to the strains of Primal Scream and James…in fact, I was so close to the stage, that I could count the spots on Bobby Gillespie’s pink shirt. This weekend, I’m sat in a conservatory, listening to the Archers, wishing I was back in Roundhay park. Thus is life. In fact, last weekend will take some beating, as it was the first OnRoundhay festival, in sponsorship with John Lewis. I am hoping with every fibre of my body that it will be the first of many as it was exactly the sort of thing that sets Leeds out as the jewel in the North (obviously, I’m biased, but I don’t care…LEEDSLEEDSLEEDS!). As we entered the grounds of the park, it was clear to see that this was a family affair, with hundreds of families queuing up to get in. As you entered, a glittery ON sign greeted you, with different pathways for every type of reveller: the Main Stage for the music fans, the Chef’s Stage and John Lewis Food Village for the foodies and the Puffin Magical Storytelling Stage for those with little people (who are probably desperate for a distraction). We chose the fourth pathway…the one to the bar! 

We went inside the guests’ area (I know right….fancy!) and plumped for prosecco, beating the queues at the other venues. There were plenty of bars set up around the site though, serving real ale, gin and even champagne – we found that magical moment of when a band had just hit the stage, meaning there were minimal queues. Festival skills 101! 

After getting our fill of fizz, we went for a wander around, checking out what to gorge on. The festival started at 12pm and we got there for 3pm. The park was already full of hungry mouths, and we saw the Ox Club stand, with spits of whole lamb busily roasting away.



Next door were perennial Leeds favourites Patty Smith’s, serving up their dirty burgers which are already legendary at their normal home, the Belgrave. Rola Wala and Piggie Smalls were also busy serving their tasty wares, opposite the John Lewis Chef’s Stage. Seeing the queues for food, we decided to go and take a seat for the next talk, which was Stephano Corvucci, who runs CIBO (The Culinary Institute of Bologna). Taking our seat on the front row, it was easy to forget that we were at a festival, as we watched him being interviewed as he cooked a ricotta and spinach stuffed cannelloni, after expertly making the pasta from scratch. What I loved about Stephano’s talk was how honest he was about his food. When the presenter asked him how long it would take him to teach someone on his course to make fresh pasta, he said ‘a few hours’. If I had a cookery school, I’d drag it out enough to make as much money as I could…but then I’m an unscrupulous bastard. He seemed really relaxed, open and enthusiastic about his cookery and it really made me want to fly to Bologna to try it out myself…cookery, that is, not starting my own culinary school (see previous unscrupulous bastard comment). 


After whetting our appetites with Stephano’s cookery, we went to decide what we wanted to eat. By now the queues were immense, so my friend and I took a split attack approach and queued up separately for Patty Smith’s and Yakumama. 

Impressed by the vibrant offerings from Yakumama, a food seller I’d not encountered before, we decided to go for the Tiger fries and an avocado brownie for afters. That was the starter and dessert sorted – and a Patty Smith’s dirty burger for our main. 

Now this was when things fell apart for us – rookie mistakes all over the place. We were hungry…nay, ravenous after the Chef’s Stage talk and didn’t realise what the waiting time for food would be like. As my friend queued for Yakumama for 40 minutes, I was still in line for Patty Smith’s, with no sign of getting anywhere near the front. After about 50 minutes, I got to the front to see that there were 12 tickets on order, meaning my order would be another 35-40 minutes. Hats off to the Patty Smith’s crew though, who were working their backsides off and being really apologetic to customers for the wait. I think just due to the size of the event, the food stalls were really pushed to the limit. My friend found me in the queue and had already eaten part of the tiger fries in an attempt to not eat her own arm off in hunger. I too tucked in the the beauteous pile of sweet potato fries, spring onion, fried chorizo, lime mayo and sriracha until there was none left and thought, later on, ‘fxxk…I didn’t take a photo of it.’ In fact, so incensed by our greedy actions, I got in touch with Yakumama, asking for any images of the fries, but I haven’t yet been able to find any of that particular dish. Maybe I dreamt it, in a hunger fuelled haze…we will never know. All I do know is that is was incredibly tasty and filled the hunger hole we had whilst waiting for our burgers. The avocado brownie was eaten during the James gig, and was absolutely delicious. It was moist with a rich chocolate taste that gave you a smug feeling that you were eating, in part, good fats due to the avocado. Chocolate and healthy = winner!

After our wait, we finally got our paws on the Patty Smith’s burgers and practically inhaled them, enjoying their trademark dirty sauce and slightly sweet brioche bun. 

Gorgeous, as ever. After a few more drinks, we settled in to watch the legendary Primal Scream play, and they were wonderful. Seriously, when Loaded started to play, I was so overjoyed, I felt like I had an almost religious epiphany…and Bobby Gillespie was God. At 54, boy can he move! Saying, that, he ain’t got the moves of James’s Tim Booth, who at 56, makes you feel like you could never have as much fun as he does on stage. He has some serious moves and the dude even crowd surfed whilst singing. With Wolf Alice playing beforehand, and Primal Scream and James topping the bill, it was an embarrassment of riches and a real coup for the first On Roundhay festival.


In between bands, we walked around, looking at the other foodie offerings, though the queue sizes stayed impressively large. I chatted to someone who had just bought a broccoli laden Mac and cheese from the Mac Shac and seemed very pleased with his little tray full of pasta heaven. We also spied, but unfortunately didn’t have enough room for, a Yorkshire wrap from The Allotment, which was the ingenious idea of a Yorkshire pudding wrap with a myriad of meaty delights inside. Makes you proud to be in Yorkshire, doesn’t it?

All in all, OnRoundhay, to my mind, was a massive success. Even though the queues were huge, the food on offer was fantastic and if it encourages more indie food sellers to set up stall next year, then all for the better. The music was amazing and the whole atmosphere was brilliant – there’s not many festivals where families, foodies and hardcore festival goers can enjoy themselves in harmony. Here’s to next year! 

Thanks to Simon Fogal at Leeds Indie Food, John Lewis, Yakumama for the brownie photo and Ben Bentley for additional photos.

OnRoundhay Festival Preview, by Lucy Reynolds 

I am currently counting down the days to the OnRoundhay Festival on Saturday 17th September and I’m happy that it’s less than a month away now. Aside from the awesome combo of bands like Wolf Alice, Primal Scream and the mighty James, I am equally excited (OK, it’s food…I’m a lot more excited) about the John Lewis Food Village, which appears to offer a little bit of just about everything to the hungry festival goer. Leeds Indie Food are offering an embarrassment of riches, with Loiner legends Manjit’s Kitchen and Laynes Espresso, alongside a personal favourite of mine, The Madeleine Express, which is basically Noisette Bakehouse on wheels. If you haven’t tried one of Sarah’s cakes, you haven’t lived. The sea salt chocolate brownie is so delectable, you’d sell your granny to get another!

Manjit’s Kitchen
Laynes Espresso
Madeleine Express

I’m not one to just stay with my tried and tested favourites though. After a lot of dancing and prancing to music, I will definitely be trying dishes from Clawhide, Bánh mì Booth, Yakumama and Piggie Smalls. It also appears to be the year of the ‘shack’ with The Mac Shac, Crabbieshack and Longhorn’s BBQ shack serving up tasty treats…I hope I actually have time to catch the music. There are even more food stalls to choose from…I’ll just have to fast for a week I suppose and then blog about my gluttony after, giving all my gastronomic choices the obligatory shout out. Phew, I feel stuffed already. 

Claw hide
Bánh mì Booth
Yakumama’s tacos

And to top that, we have just had the exciting announcement that Olia Hercules, of Mamushka fame, is going to be part of the Chef line up, joining fellow gastronauts like Murray Wilson of Horto, Greg Lewis of Pintura and Simon Jewitt of Norse, along with other accomplished chefs from far and wide. So much to see and only one day – I’ll make sure to wear my running shoes to get around everything I want to see.

The OnRoundhay Festival marks the long awaited opening of the Leeds’ branch of John Lewis and I, for one, cannot wait! Just another jewel in Leeds’ crown – make this honorary Northerner a bit dewy eyed. Who needs London when you’ve got Leeds? 


All photos courtesy of I Like Press


PREVIEW: Gorse: A Dinner Experience for Curious Gastronomes

Leeds Indie Food Festival is about to start in a matter of weeks, I can’t believe it’s coming round so quickly, it’s really exciting! Recently I posted about which events were on my must go to list, if time and money were no object, one of those was Gorse: A Dinner Experience for Curious Gastronomes. Who are Gorse? Well, they are a two-man team – Geoffroy and Richard, a French/Scottish duo who have conjured up a six course tasting menu based around vegetables. Now even though I’m a full on meat-loving carnivore, as regular readers may’ve cottoned onto, the last few years I’ve grown more of a fondness of meat-free food and was more than intrigued when one of the events during the festival was solely based around vegetables. What particularly caught my eye was that the whole experience was to showcase produce from around Yorkshire and collaboration, both being at the heart of the festival’s ethos. 

Hosted by Mrs Atha’s, we were treated to the dishes as a preview to their 10 night pop-up in May.

Here are some photos of the evening:


Homemade sourdough
Homemade sourdough





Snacks - Taco revisited with Harissa and cottage cheese, Avocado parfait & sesame, Yorkshire cheese on a sable biscuit with Wensleydale and pickled rhubarb
Snacks – Taco revisited with Harissa and cottage cheese, Avocado parfait & sesame, Yorkshire cheese on a sable biscuit with Wensleydale and pickled rhubarb


Celeriac & egg - celeriac puree with a bantam poached egg and celeriac pasta
Celeriac & egg – celeriac puree with a bantam poached egg and celeriac pasta


Asparagus with peas, spinach & rapeseed mayonnaise
Asparagus with peas, spinach & rapeseed mayonnaise


Onion, orzo and beer - orzo with onion caramelised in beer, pine nut emulsion and parsnip
Onion, orzo and beer – orzo with onion caramelised in beer, pine nut emulsion and parsnip


Mango, carrot, basil oil and creme fraiche
Mango, carrot, basil oil and creme fraiche

Panna cotta with roasted oat meal and crystallised Gorse
Panna cotta with roasted oat meal and crystallised Gorse (extra course for LIF passport holders)!


Espresso tart
Espresso tart


Piccolo using Maude Coffee
Piccolo using Mrs Atha’s Maude Coffee

I won’t describe each one in detail as I’d rather you find out for yourselves, but what I will say is that it was delicious, combining lots of interesting tastes and textures flowing through the savoury and the sweet. As mentioned earlier, Gorse is one of the events in the Leeds Indie Food festival, I’d recommend going, even for the most hardened carnivore it’s well worth it!! If you want anymore information on getting tickets click on the link here!!

Mrs Atha’s

Central Road




Leeds Indie Food Festival

You may have heard of a ‘little’ festival that’s celebrating everything food and drink related and coming to our city? Something called Leeds Indie Food Festival that’s coming thick and fast in May?!?! If you’ve been anywhere remotely near the city the last few months, surely you’re aware of this event for all food and drink lovers.

It starts on the 7th May, yes that’s just over four weeks away!! During the two and half week festival a staggering number of events have been crammed in, so much so it’s hard to filter them down to a manageable amount!! I’m gutted because there are so many that I’m not in Leeds for that would be straight on my list.

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to go to every single event, but however much I wish it just simply isn’t possible! However, if money and time were no object these would be on my must go to list:

&Totally Tutti Frutti (7-24th May), FREE

The Noonshine Cafe (7-24th May)

Gorse: A Dinner for Curious Gastronomes (7-9th & 21st – 23rd May)

Think About Food: British Seasonal Eating (9th May)

Meat School North with Cannon & Cannon: the other bits (11th May)

An Evening with the House of Fu-Schnikens (13th May)

Five Course food and wine pairing dinner at The Reliance (14th May), SOLD OUT!

Boozing and Bar Snacks, Thai style at Bang Wok (14th May)

The Wild Eat Pop-up with Olia Hercules (14-16th May)

Mama Girls Polish Milk Bar (16th May)

The Man Behind The Curtain x Laynes Espresso  (17th May)

Northern Coffee Guide Book Launch at Leeds Feast (23rd May), FREE

Leeds Feast (22nd/23rd May)

Bundobust presents: the Last Supper at Leeds Feast (23rd May), SOLD OUT!

All the information on events and tickets can be found on the Leeds Indie Food Festival website!!

That’s enough of what’s on my ultimate list, what about yours?

Pie & Cider Festival photoblog!

Long-time readers of the blog may have an inkling of my penchant for pastry, whether they be pie, pasty, tarts…trust me carb loading I’m good at, especially when it comes to the good stuff!!!  Belgrave Music Hall held their very first (hopefully of many) Pie & Cider Festival on Easter Sunday and I wasn’t going to miss out on being able to feast!

The line-up was impressive to say the least; with over 50 varieties of pies in different forms….pies, sausage rolls, scotch egg, empanadas, scotch eggs, tarts made by the best Yorkshire producers, including Keelham Farm, Wilsons, WIlkinsons, Beasty Boys, Lishmans, Robinsons Farm Shop, Voakes and The Greedy Pig!! As always, dietary requirements were taken care of  too with a range of goodies for those with intolerances to gluten, wheat or dairy.

To balance out the savoury, there had to be something sweet to keep things in check, so Belgrave regular Noisette Bakehouse was on hand to sort us out with another tour into her culinary wizardry, including a salt caramel brownie pie, taking the infamous salt caramel brownie up a notch!!

After all the feasting to quench the thirst there was also 30 varieties of cider and 20 different ales and beers to take your pick from!!

Here’s a selection of the spread on offer, get ready for some serious pastry action!!



Gluten free sausage rolls, pork pies and traditional cornish pasties from Voakes
Gluten free sausage rolls, pork pies and traditional cornish pasties from Voakes


Wilsons sausage rolls
Wilsons sausage rolls
Cornish pasties - Wilsons butchers
Cornish pasties – Wilsons butchers


Balti pasty - Wilsons butchers
Balti pasty – Wilsons butchers
Pork pies - Wilsons butchers
Pork pies – Wilsons butchers
WIlkinsons Cornish Pasties
WIlkinsons Cornish Pasties
Cheese pasty - Wilkinsons
Cheese pasty – Wilkinsons
Blue Stilton pork pie - Robinsons Farm Shop
Blue Stilton pork pie – Robinsons Farm Shop
Pepperoni pork pie - Robinsons Farm Shop
Pepperoni pork pie – Robinsons Farm Shop
Pork, apple & stuffing pie - Robinsons Farm Shop
Pork, apple & stuffing pie – Robinsons Farm Shop
Mushy pea & mint pork pie - Robinsons Farm Shop
Mushy pea & mint pork pie – Robinsons Farm Shop
Pork, cheese & pickle pies - Robinson Farm Shop
Pork, cheese & pickle pies – Robinson Farm Shop
Sweet chilli pork pie - Robinsons Farm Shop
Sweet chilli pork pie – Robinsons Farm Shop
3 bean & roasted veg pie - Keelham Farm Shop
3 bean & roasted veg pie – Keelham Farm Shop
Steak, ale and potato pie - Keelham Farm Shop
Steak, ale and potato pie – Keelham Farm Shop
Pork & Apple pie - Keelham Farm Shop
Pork & Apple pie – Keelham Farm Shop
A selection of pies form Lishmans - chilli, pork and piccalilli
Pork pie – Lishmans, Chilli pie and Piccalilli pie (unknown)
Chicken & veal tongue empanada - Beasty Boys
Chicken & veal tongue empanada – Beasty Boys
Scotch eggs!
Scotch eggs!

Now for the sweet stuff, courtesy of Noisette Bakehouse!!

Pineapple and black pepper hand pies
Strawberry balsamic crumble
Strawberry balsamic crumble
Spiced pear crumble pie
Spiced pear crumble pie
Chocolate, salt caramel, peanut and nougat tart
Chocolate, salt caramel, peanut and nougat tart
Freedom banana cream pies
Freedom banana cream pies
Salt caramel brownie
Salt caramel brownie


Lemon meringue pie
Lemon meringue pie

Meat maestros Bangers & Bacon were back serving the people some pork delight, including award winning sausages from Jimmy’s Farm!


Pig $ chips – sausages and cheese on chips, covered in homemade gravy and crispy onions

Of course, I wasn’t going to just take photos and leave without eating something, no chance!!

Pork, apple & stuffing pie
Pork, apple & stuffing pie

Pork, apple and stuffing pie

Such a winner of a pie from Robinsons Farm Shop, definitely a pork pie with a difference. It was like a mini meal in itself; beautiful pastry, lovely seasoned pork and stuffing all topped with chunky apple!! So good!!

I went home with a small bounty to graze on as well, it frankly would’ve been rude not to!

Top left: pineapple and black pepper hand pie, top right: Szarlotka, bottom: spiced pear crumple pie – Noisette Bakehouse
Chicken & veal tongue empanada – Beasty boys and pork pie (can’t remember which producer it was!)

I’d tried the empanada from the Beasty Boys at one of Belgrave’s feasts last year and loved it then, this was equally as good and I immediately wished I bought more of them! Lovely crisp, yet flaky pastry and a filling that was meaty with a delicate smokiness. Delicious!! The pork pie caught me a little by surprise, only because I’d asked for a steak, potato and ale one at the time, nevertheless, I was still more than happy as it was delicious. Not too much jelly which was great for me, beautiful pork filling and its pastry casing wasn’t too thick.

image image image

Ah, that pineapple and black pepper hand pie was my first of the three sweet options to get wolfed down! So good that i’d love it to be a regular on the Bakehouse menu!! It’s a bit like a pimped up turnover, the pineapple gives it some oomph and the black pepper brought its innate sweet and sourness out even more! 

To say I was happy was an understatement!!!

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

1-1A Belgrave Street,